Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tinerhir and Todra gorge

After my desert adventure I went east towards the mountains. I ended up in a town called Tinerhir. The town itself was not very charming but only 15 km north into the atlas mountains was the beautiful Todra gorge.

I rented an old mountain bike with dodgy brakes from town and headed up the road. The climb was steep but I was glad to go for a bike ride. After a sweaty climb in the afternoon heat I had a speedy downhill section down towards the gorge. The worn out brake on the bike gave me an extra sense of adventure and I reached my destination with my adrenaline pumping.

Todra gorge itself was over developed with hotels built right into the gorge itself polluting its waterways. I was not impressed and decided to bike back up to the top of the road.

I found a spot on the road which overlooked Tinerhir and its surrounding landscapes. I decided to wait for the perfect light so I parked my bike and waited. Curious locals stopped several times to chat when they saw my tripod setup. I had a chance to photograph a tailor in the village nearby. I waited for the late light and it paid off. I rode back downhill into Tinerhir with
my rickety bike with the setting sun. It was a good day.

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