Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Netherlands part 2 - COWS, CORN, CLOUDS

It all started as a joke when I said we should go take some photos with some cows in a field, since I was a tourist, and the only sights in town were fields of cows. Ellens mother took the joke literally and called some friends and we ended up on a cow farm near Hellendorn. I was all laughs as the joke played out but secretly inside I was excited about the cows.

The cows were photogenic and seemed to line up and pose for me on several occasions. Our host was a proud farmer and enjoyed showing us around his large property. I managed to get some shots with him and his cows in the barn that turned out great.

I also did an HDR shot on Ellens home in Hellendorn. Ellen's father owns a construction company and he built his own beautiful home. I thought it would be appropriate to shoot it in the corporate architectural style accentuating the red brick against the blue sky.

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  1. Wow, very nice pictures. I would like to use it on my blog: http://picture-the-netherlands.blogspot.com/

    Is that posible?