Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amsterdam - How the rest of the world sees Holland

When you tell anybody about Holland their first thought are always "how was Amsterdam?" with a big grin on their face. I remember when I was 19 that was my same thought: drugs, sex, booze and the van gogh museum. Of course i know now that the country has much more to offer than the sins of Amsterdam. I know they also have cows corn and clouds.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with its winding canals, streets and quaint little bars. I wanted to reveal some of the stereotypes in my shots so I did some night shooting in the red light district. I had my tripod and decided to do some long exposure night shots. Little did I know that photography is strictly forbidden along the red light district.

So I was set up for a beautiful landscape shot across the canal onto a busy street colored with red lights and windows with girls in them. I was playing with exposure times and the whole time I noticed one of the bouncers yelling at me from across the water. He looked like one of the buff crazy eastern european bouncers too. With the safety of water between us I ignored him and kept shooting. That was when i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find big buff russian guy's buddy towering over me. "NO pictures! he wants me to throw you in the water!" (pointing across the canal). *note to photographers.. if ur gona take picture in the red light district especially pointing towards girls, be ninja about it.

So I used my infiltration skills and sweet talked my way out of a swim and even kept all my footage. I spent the rest of the night shooting, moving quickly and avoiding the big eastern european bouncers.

more photos here

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