Monday, November 16, 2009

M'Hamid and the beginning of the Sahara

We arrived at M'Hamid just before nightfall. Mustafa drove us outside the city into the desert to our campsite. I was expecting tents but was impressed to see a fully functional shower and toilet structure. We had the luxury to sleep in mud huts and dined on a amazing cous cous meal in a large tent.

After the night fell the instruments came out and the celebrations began with no shortage of mint tea. The guides proved to be great musicians as they drummed, sang, danced and strummed to old desert ballads of love and adventure. I joined in on the bongos and we improvised into the night beneath a full moon and clear desert skies.

I went to sleep tired and content knowing that the next day we would arrive at Erg Chigaga and walk along the 40 ft dunes.

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