Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tariffa Spain!

After relaxing in the chill atmosphere of Chefchaouen, I was not ready to return to the busy hustle of Tangier streets. I spent an afternoon in Tangier uninspired and I was ready for Spain.

I took a 35 minute ferry over to the southernmost point of Spain in a small windsurfing town called Tariffa. The beautiful small town boasted a gorgeous long beach with steady strong winds which on a good day attracted more than 200 kite boarders to its shores. The old city is still was fortified by old Moorish walls as this port was once an important link between Europe and Africa.

I took this time to regroup my thoughts after my exhilarating travels through Morocco. It was nice to meet fellow travelers again and enjoy a cerveza or sangria by the beach.

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