Tuesday, November 3, 2009


After spending a lively weekend in Amsterdam I was relieved to take a train down to Belgium. I arrived in Antwerp on a quiet Sunday afternoon and wandered around the empty streets. I found Antwerp a laid back city with many sights all laid out in comfortable proximity to each other. I spent many hours walking and taking architectural shots of the intriguing buildings and cobblestone streets.

I made a quick side-trip to Bruges on my way down to Brussels. I was amazed to discover that Bruges was a medieval city still fortified by walls and a moat. It's richly stylized architecture and city layout kept me busy for hours. I spent the evenings at the many bars tasting the local belgium beers. I managed to get out for some night shots after a couple Zots and Rocheforts and was happily rewarded with some great images.

Belgium was an unplanned stop this trip but i was very satisfied with my spontaneous decision. I arrived to Brussels content and relaxed. I was in the perfect mental state to take on Morocco. I indulged on a couple more tasty belgium beers and got on my flight for Marrakesh. Little did I know that those would be my last few beers for a while. I had no clue at the time but I was flying into the beginning of Ramadan..

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