Thursday, November 5, 2009


I arrived in Marrakech from Belgium and spent 3 days adjusting to the different culture and bizarre business hours of Ramadan. I shot a bit during this time but I would return to Marrakech between destinations 2 more times. I will show all my shots from there in a later post.

After 3 days of navigating through the busy and confusing streets of Marrakech I decided to go relax on the coast. I took a 3 hour bus ride west to Essaouira. I was amazed to find a pristine beach and a laid back medina. I was comforted by a cool sea breeze and I felt relieved after a stressful arrival in Marrakech.

I met some amazing people at the Hostel in Essaouira and would return at the end of Ramadan to celebrate with my new Moroccan friends.

Here are some images from within the Medina and the fishing docks. Enjoy

for more images click here

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