Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Olympics Games day 5!

Here is another quick olympic update before I go to bed.

Womens luge finals, concerts at Village Square and Feist performing at Awards ceremonies.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics Games day 2!

Today I had a day off from powder mountain so I decided to embrace the Winter Games as much as I could today. I set out in the morning to look for tickets. I managed to find tickets to the mens luge event this afternoon at 5. I spent the early afternoon wandering the village absorbing the ambiance and energy of the international crowds. I could feel the pride and joy of each person representing their country and celebrating. I even ended up buying myself a new team canada baseball cap. I saw a number of free concerts and events in the village as well. I was also randomly chosen to be part of the much music audience in their live broadcast. The day turned out to be lots of random fun. I left the house at 11 in the morning and returned after luge around 9pm. The freezing rain didn't stop us from celebrating the olympics and cheering for our countries. The olympics are here, and I am totally onboard now to embrace the spirit of the games. here are some shots from today.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whistler Village during the olympics

Whistler village during the winter is usually a magical place at night with decorative lights strung on the trees. On a regular year this display is quite beautiful enough, but with the whole world watching for the olympics the display this year is absolutely breathtaking. The lighting budget has at least tripled as every single tree in the village appears to be covered in some sort of lighting. In fact, some trees have barely any bark visible due to the thickly coiled lights around them.

I took the opportunity last week to do a photo walk in the village trying to capture the beauty of these lights. Enjoy and don't forget to check my blog during the olympics for updates.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic flame

The long days at Powder Mountain have been keeping me busy the past months leaving my blogs less frequent. Since my last blog I have involved myself with numerous side projects and shoots such as film stills for "Dynasty Bro productions" latest short film "Forever" with Director Jonathan Endo. I also have been shooting events for a local body painter "Benjiman" supplying some impressive visuals for the whistler night scene. I have also accumulated a bunch of new amazing powder action shots from catskiing. These shots will all be updated and posted soon!

But for now my attention is shifting towards the 2010 olympic winter games! The Olympic torch came through whistler the other night in a wave of celebration. The biggest crowd I have ever seen in Whistler arrived to witness this monumental moment. The flame was carried by foot, car, snowmobile, and finally skied down into skiers plaza where a massive crowd cheered. I have been skeptical about the games leading up to the games but it was at that moment where I realized that the games were here and it was time to embrace this historical experience. The people were united and the crowds brought a great energy. I realized that beneath all the corporate sponsors, overspending, security paranoia, military presence, petty politics and controversial issues looming like a cloud over the games, there is still the olympic spirit embedded and in us all as we unite and celebrate.

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