Sunday, November 15, 2009

Night stops

After climbing Jebel Toubkal I returned to Essaouira to celebrate Eid, the end of Ramadan. I regrouped and celebrated in great food and yes finally some alcohol in Morocco. I made some new friend and was prepared to make my long journey into the Western Sahara.

We made a quick stop in Marrakesh and then caught an evening bus towards Ouarzazate. Ouarzazate translates to "door of the desert". Ouarzazate was where we would find our guide and transport into the desert.

On our way through the foothills of the Atlas mountains we made a stop in a small village. There is something intriguing about small village stops especially at night. In the pitch darkness you lose all sense of orientation. The darkness is dimly illuminated by a handful of cafes and restaurants catering to weary travelers on long distance buses. The erie lighting and smoky barbecue odors inspired me to shoot these photographs. These shots remind me of some shots I took at truck stop diners during a road trip though the states. They possess the same desolate transient mood of late night travel.

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