Saturday, July 10, 2010

Experimental mashups

I have added a new section to my website ( ) called Experimental.

This is a body of fine art work that I have been working on for the past year.

The technique is overlaying or "mashing up" several of my own original images to create a completely unique image. This resembles the process of collage and painting in a digital format.

Inspired by the surrealists and cubists, my goal is to take fragmented instances from different moments in time which may or may not be related, and tie them together into a cohesive body of its own. This reconstruction of time and instance follows many of the similar aspects of cubism. The end result often is a incoherent blend of the subconscious reflecting on the complexities of our thought at any single moment.

The images are becoming more personal as the project goes on. What started as a technique experiment has now become an outlet of personal expression. The images that I use range from different time periods and places in which each one evokes its own personal emotion and memory. The resulting image is a melange of emotions similar to the restless mind as our current state of thought is often a chaotic blend of elements in our lives.

The goal and concept behind the project is an ever-changing fluid evolution of ideas. The imagery is getting more and more complicated with each "mash-up" and the ideas expressed are getting deeper and more complex.

I hope you enjoy them and check back for more!


  1. digging the digital collage style. chair and peeling paint is my fav.

  2. Impressive! I like the last one too, but the second is my favorite because there's a cute guy in it.

  3. the second last one is beautiful ! great work